Read on to find out how to save $10, meet new Rotary friends, or find out what another Rotary Club is doing online!

Why Make Up?


My favorite reason to make up is remembering Rotary exists outside of Santa Paula and gives me an opportunity to see special friends and meet new ones.  I love to observe other Rotary clubs run their meetings and hear about their community and international projects.  Another reason to make up is to support our attendance numbers.  They are published monthly in the District Newsletter.  You will also save money!  You will not pay that non make up fee.


Hectic week?  Can't make it to another Rotary club?  No problem and no excuse!  You can log on your computer and head to Rotary E Club One, day or night!  The site is .  You will find an active online club and a variety of Rotary information that won't put you to sleep J


Have fun making up.  It won't be our extraordinary club, but it will be worth your time.