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The Santa Paula Rotary Club was chartered October 12, 1923

Photograph of Santa Paula Rotary Club members, March 1924, at their meeting place, the Glen Tavern, Santa Paula, California

Back: Charles Chamberlain, John Cauch, Bill Reese**, Sid Taylor, J.D. Hill, Cecil Foster**, Britt Bowker*, Doug McPhee, C.D. Jones, Eddy LeSchofs, Roy Wilson, Sr.**, Ralph Steuard**, Al Thille**, Art Walden**, Howard Tubbs, Frank Masseck, George Caldwell

Front: Lou Baumgartner, Carl Dwire**, Sam Primmer, Stan Lothridge, Howard Pressey, Murray Wineman, Wade Gray 

*Charter president
**Future club presidents

This photograph was considerably enlarged by John Nichols and has been prominently displayed at various Rotary events in Santa Paula in recent years.

A book published in 2006 jointly by the Ventura County Star and the Museum of Ventura County, Ventura County ~ Looking Back:  The Early Years, has the photograph on page 110.  The photograph is incorrectly captioned "Automobile Club, 1911".  This has been brought to the attention of the authors.